Here’s a curated list of projects I have worked on in the last 2 years.


During hackathon for good in June 2019, we built an application to help volunteers in the field to assess damange and map flood extents easily, where disasters have happened. This took off and I’ve been volunteering and helping out with the data team at 510.

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Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is a non-violent decentralised socio political movement to prevent risk of social collapse and mass extinction. I am a volunteer helping with Tech, raising awareness about environmental, human rights and power imbalance issues in our society.



Questionmark carries independent research into the environmental friendliness, labour conditions, animal welfare and health aspects of consumer products.

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Hallo Boer

Hallo Boer connects consumers like me and you to farmers (producer) directly, thus supporting more local and sustainable means of supply-chain.

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