Hi, I am Madhu, welcome to my site! I am a Freelance Full stack Programmer and a UX Designer currently living in Delft. I love travelling and people. I care about our environment and a sustainable world. I like to work on stuff that creates a positive impact on our society.

What do I do?

I help startups to build scalable businesses, communities and applications using web and mobile technologies.

How do I do it?

  1. Brainstorm ideas with product owners, come up with user stories.
  2. Sketch the ideas on a whiteboard to come up with the user flows and think it out loud. At this phase I prefer to include the team that is involved as it brings alignment. (I sometimes use parts of google design sprint here).
  3. Design using SketchApp (if needed)
  4. Code it!

I use JavaScript and Open Source Software (OSS) to implement the solutions. I not only use OSS to build solutions, but also contribute back. Checkout my github to see my contributions.

If what I do intrigues you, whether it’s a completely new idea or an already existing application, drop me a line and I shall get back to you!