I wrote a blog post couple of days back about the pain I was facing in developing client side web apps (with backbone). I tried angular and it tries to solve the problems I was having.

As I elaborated in my previous post, the biggest issue (with backbone) was wiring these single components and to make them work together, angular solves this using dependency injection and data binding. It’s a win (for me).

I was looking for something which

  1. increases productivity
  2. reduces the code and hence easier to maintain
  3. follows conventions
  4. gives you separation of concerns
  5. follows test first approach

I sat for two days and I went through series of videos and blog posts, I am listing them here.

  1. Ask HN: AngularJS vs Backbone vs Ember?
  2. SO: AngularJS vs Backbone.js [closed]
  3. 8 Tips for AngularJS Beginners
  4. Youtube: Building AngularJS TODO app tutorial
  5. Youtube: Building AngularJS twitter search
  6. SO: What is Dependency Injection?
  7. Youtube: Angular.js intro + Dependency Injection
  8. Backbone and Angular: Demystifying the myths
  9. 3 reasons to choose AngularJS for your next project
  10. Youtube: AngularJS Best practices

I started with the tutorial and parallelly I watched/read the above links. Also the documentation is good enough to help you through. There are some nice examples you can play around with.

Angular also comes with a boilerplate (angular-seed), just for YOU!

If you are not happy with how backbone is working out for you, you should seriously give it a try.